Executive Committee: President, Senior Vice-President, Junior Vice-President,   Immediate Past President, County Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer,  Assistant Secretary, Match Secretary and Competition Secretaries.
Match Selection Committee: Any five of President, Senior Vice-President, Junior Vice President,  Immediate Past President,  County Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary and Zone Secretaries:   Pat Chappell, Val Hobart, Jean Colvin and Carolyne Stevens   Secretary and Match Secretary only to note down teams selected  Apologies to go to Secretary and/or Match Secretary only
Johns Trophy & Walker Cup Selection Committee: President (ex officio) County Secretary, Team Manager,  Competition Secretaries and 2 independent advisers as agreed by the County Executive.  


Emergency Committee: Any of the Executive Committee available and  P. Biddlecombe, J. Taylor, and

B. Pothecary. N.B. This Committee only operates in the absence of the Executive Committee - see Constitution 5.1(b).