1932     Mesdames Gilchrist. Tigg, Privett and Holman (Waddon Residents)

1946     Mesdames Holman. Barnes, Lambert and King (Waddon Residents)

1951     Mesdames George. Durban. Medland and Buckland (South Norwood)

1956     Mesdames Linney, Cuckney, Purkiss and Jackson (Wimbledon Park)

1971     Mesdames Robertson. Clifford. Turner and Gould (Hook & Southborough)

1987     Mesdames Vigor, Salter, Kelly and Ward (Croydon)

2005     Mesdames Newman, Garden, Strutt, and Launders (Egham)

2008     Mesdames Warrington, Hilton, Mitchell and Cuell (Croydon)

2013     Mesdames Seddon, Hollins, Platt and Stevens (Milford)

2016     Mesdames Hankin, Dexter, Beales and Clark (Egham)



1933     Mesdames Holman, Gilchrist, Privett and Tigg (Waddon Residents)

1936     Mesdames Ruffnell. Spencer. Morton and Fawcett (Kingston Canbury)

1949     Mesdames Gill, Marshall, Gould and Chandler (South Norwood)

1967     Mesdames Power. Salter. Lockington and Wadsworth (Egham)

1976     Mesdames Townsend. McVittee, Wessier and Valls (Raynes Park)

1984     Mesdames Tiner. Hennessey. Downer and Taylor (Guildford)

2003     Mesdames Newman, Garden, Jenkins and Hankin (Egham)

2017    Mesdames Deans, Anderson, Maylin, Souter (Southey)



1939     Mesdames Faithful. Munday. Blunden. and Chittenden (Hersham)

1953     Mesdames Polley. Mundy. Messenger and Axon (Ashburton)

1970     Mesdames McDonald. Savage. O’Donnell and Derrick (Magdalen Park)

1972     Mesdames Dodridge. Leverington. Neave and Norman (Carshalton)

1976     Mesdames Merry. Kent. Wraight and Baker (Mellows Park)

1984     Mesdames Winter. Waters, Corby and Keeling (Egham)

1986     Mesdames Bourne. Edser. Mann and Sadler (Woking Park)

2005     Mesdames Crimp, Hicks, Cunningham and Bolton (Putney Town)

2021     Mesdames Jenkins, Winter, Beales and Garden (Egham)