Clarification of Back to Play (April 2021)


Hello Ladies & Gentlemen


Due to questions asked at the Ladies Council meetings yesterday and other emailed queries received from Clubs in Surrey we are hoping that the following will help alleviate any queries.  Please be aware that after a lengthy telephone call with BE this morning for further clarification some things have changed since the information that was read out yesterday at the SCWBA Council meetings.


Organised sport

For the sport of outdoor lawn bowls any activity organised under the jurisdiction of Bowls England by affiliated clubs, counties and associate members is recognised as organised sport in accordance with DCMS guidance. This includes:

• International and High Performance events (including training)

• National Championships (including County Championship qualifying rounds)

• National Competitions

• District and county competitions involving affiliated clubs only

• District and county leagues involving affiliated clubs only

• Fixtures between affiliated counties

• Club fixtures between affiliated clubs

Internal club events or organised sessions for club members.

This would include Club Comps / Drives / Aggregates. The Club is expected to have procedures in place to ensure the safety of the players that are being asked to play with each other in the organised event. The organiser or nominated person MUST be in attendance.  A maximum of 24 players on the green.

• Coaching by a qualified coach (see section on coaching for details)

• On green training provided by the Bowls Development Alliance

Any activity not listed above is not recognised by Bowls England as organised sport and will need to follow the guidance on outdoor legal gathering limits as this is considered to be informal or self- organised sport.

This includes any casual play (for example ‘roll-ups’) and any activity involving clubs, leagues or associations not affiliated to Bowls England.


Format of Play Organised sport.

Singles – Use of every rink and marker permitted if required

Pairs – Use of every rink



Any combination of formats may be played under the ‘organised sport’ exemption. 


Non-organised sport

Roll-ups come under this category

The ‘rule of six’ applies OR two households

Players must follow social gathering limits before and after the activity.

The maximum number of participants on a six-rink outdoor green for ‘organised’ or informal activity at any one time should not exceed 24. Clubs with less or additional rink capacity may amend figures accordingly (average four people per rink) so long as they deem it to be safe.


Social interaction before and after play should only take place in separate and distinct groups consisting of up to six people or two households.


Please adhere to the guidelines, stay safe and enjoy your bowls.


Spectators ARE NOT ALLOWED.  However 'hospitality customers' who have bought food or beverages and who are served at their outside table are allowed as long as they do not exceed the 'rule of six' or two households per table guidance.  The food and beverages must be served at the table.  


Please ensure that your Club publishes your clubs Covid Protocols to all of your members and have printed copies available at the Club.

You should ensure that any visitors or visiting clubs or associations to your club are also made aware of your clubs protocols. 


What ever it is that you do in your club we hope that you will follow the Guidelines as issued by the Government.  What ever your club chooses to do it should be able to say YES to the following statement - 'If challenged is the decision of the Club defendable'.  Meaning that you must be able to show that you have taken every possible care to ensure the safety of your Members and Visitors.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thank you


Communications Officer