The Surrey Ladies Bowling Team Tour 2017



Oh to be in Southern Wales with the Surrey Bowling Team,

A better group of happy souls I have never ever seen.


The Welsh have tried to do their best to win at any cost,

They’ve put their ‘Internationals’ up, but it hasn’t fazed our lot!


Daily, Surrey would board the coach and on the way they’d plan

The tactics that they would need that day to bring the ‘home team’ down.


And on the links the chatter starts and jacks go everywhere!

When Debbie skips her team along the Welsh just stand and stare!

‘Beautiful shot’ and ‘lovely line’  calls Shan, her dimples deepening,

Her team immediately  smartens up and jumps to quick attention.


‘Goodness me’ and ‘bad luck love’, are comments heard round the links,

But what they say and what they mean, are two different things me thinks!

The game is over, the speeches made, the best is always Shan,

It’s not the thanks or acknowledgements; it’s her jokes of course, and charm.


And then it’s back to the Ivy Bush, a quick shower and tidy up,

We crowd the bar for a drink or three before we go in to sup.

This happy band of Surrey-ites when all is done and said

Have won the day, and many hearts, and now it’s ‘home to bed’.


By Gloria,

(Dorothy’s friend),

With many thanks for a wonderful week in Southern Wales.